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What Types of Business Benefit Most From Local SEO Strategies?

What Types of Business Benefit Most From Local SEO Strategies?

What Types of Business Benefit Most From Local SEO Strategies?

With local SEO becoming more and more important in search engine ranking results, it is imperative that local businesses take advantage of this growing trend. More and more customers are using local keyword searches to find businesses that are near them to buy from.

As four out five consumers turn to search engines to find information about local businesses, products and services, it is significant that your business is listed in the exact places your customers are looking for you.

Businesses that can thrive from using local SEO can be any type of business that relies on local customers for its revenue. From all sorts of service business such as construction companies, plumbers, HVAC specialists, and electrical repair and maintenance to local business such as doctors, dentists, pharmacies, gyms, restaurants, bars, hair salons and movie theaters.

With each of these business relying on local customers to increase its revenue, it’s important that customers know you are located in the area that they are searching. By making more and more customers aware that you are in their vicinity, this will help to grow your business’ revenue stream and your customer base as they realize it is convenient for them to visit you and buy from your business.

Outdated paper directories such as; the phone book are no longer being used to locate a service or product that is in their local area. They are turning to the Internet for their searches, with search engines like Google, making it easier to find local businesses. Google specifically caters to the small business market, providing free tools for these businesses to be found easily with a little input from the individual.

The good thing about local marketing is the results pay off with a higher conversion rate than any other advertising method. As much as 50 percent or more in some cases as 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit a business after they have done a local search.

Taking advantage of local SEO tools can be easy if you know what to do. Let’s explore some options to get your local business found by customers in your area.


List Your Business In Directories

Directories are key to having your business found in the many different ways that consumers are looking for you. You will definitely want to start with Google’s My Business page. This will help your business rank in search engine searches and give customers all the details they are looking for such as; name, address, phone and hours. Include a map so they know how close you are to their location as they will be more apt to visit if they don’t have to travel far.

There are several other directories that customer regularly turn to for local business searches. Think about everywhere your customers would be looking for you. Try Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, Citysearch and Foursquare as good options. Fill out and claim your business’ page and include all relevant information that your customers would be interested in knowing about your business.

Taking advantage of these sites’ free listings, will help your business be found when users search for a service in their area. It will list you against your competitors, and location may be the sole reason a customer chooses to buy from you. Also, list your business in directories that are affiliated with your industry. The more places you take control of and list your business, the more accurate information will be out there and the more places a customer will be able to find you.

Local Seo Means Search Engine And Control 3d Rendering

Use Consistent NAP

Be consistent in the information you list for your company as this will ensure you are ranking in search engines. You will also want to include your name, address and phone number in the same format on each site.

Google and other search engines are smart and will question the legitimacy of your business if you use different hours or business name in different directories. You want to establish with search engines that you are a reputable business and should be ranked high among your competitors.


Create Local URLs

Local URLs are the next wave of local SEO for business. With local keyword searches growing each year, you will want to do everything you can to cater to a local market you are trying to reach. Set up separate URL pages for each geographic location you want to gain customers from. This will include dedicated pages within your website promoting each city.

Use the city in your URL and created relevant content on the page that uses the city keyword throughout it. Don’t just copy the content from each geographic URL and change out the city name. Search engines have gotten wise to this technique and will demote your page in searches as not providing relevant up-to-date content.

Each customized URL will help customers locate your business when they search for your service in this city. This is just another way to keep it local through SEO.


Take Advantage of Online Reviews

Online reviews are a growing way that customers use to evaluate your business before they buy your service or product. Consumers are turning more to sites that have reviews such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to read about the experience other customers have had with your business. Positive reviews can work wonders to bolster your reputation as a business, having more customers buying from your based upon what they have read.

Online reviews also rank in search engine results, giving you another reason to use this opportunity to garner more customers. Invite your loyal customers to write a review about your business. Several positive reviews can generate even more revenue for your business as customers trust what they read on these sites as 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business.


Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

With more and more people owning mobile devices, they are more than ever using them to search businesses that are near them You will want to make sure your website looks good, no matter what device someone views you on and is functional for a mobile device to use.

Provide a map that is optimized for mobile use so customers can locate your business in relation to where they are. Most customers check your location while on the go and by making this as easy as possible for them to view, they are more likely to visit you.

Also, make phone number clickable so customers can call you directly if they have a question. Nothing will frustrate a customer more than if it’s hard for them to contact you. With 68 percent of users using the call buttons on websites, you will want to make sure yours is listed on your website.

Using local SEO to market your business is an affordable and easy way to help more customers find you. It can work to grow your business in the local market with one out of two leads converting to a customer. This is an ROI that you will definitely see an impact in your business from.

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