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Advanced Link Building to Maximize Your SEO

Advanced Link Building to Maximize Your SEO

Advanced Link Building to Maximize Your SEO

Love it or hate it, Google is getting smarter about what they will and will not allow in SEO tactics.

This could actually be considered a good thing – you don’t want your legitimate site to be out-shined by a spammy mediocre one that doesn’t offer any valuable information to readers.

Google wants to award good SEO behaviors by getting legitimate websites closer to the first page of relevant search queries, helping you improve rank and give your viewers a better web experience.

So, don’t be tempted by easy black-hat SEO techniques, because if Google doesn’t find and penalise you, a competitor will.

Below we share five advanced link-building tips that will build your SEO using white-hat tactics that Google and your viewers will appreciate:

Take a Peek at Your Competition

All good and effective marketing plans start with taking a peek over the fence to see what your competition is up to and finding a way to do better. When it comes to advanced link-building, this is also a must.

For instance, if you are an expert in the stock market but aren’t getting picked up and linked back to by trade publications and industry insiders (but your competition is), then you’re not being perceived as an expert in your field.

A good place to start is by taking a handful of competing websites and researching what their common backlinks are and subsequently back-linking to those sites as well.

Once you discover this information, you’ll be able to better cater your own content and services to entice the experts in your field to link back to your website.

Not only will this improve your content (because it’s now backed by market research), but it will help your audience as you will be providing the catered data and statistics they are naturally seeking, yet currently getting from your competitors.

Guest-Post Like a Pro

Although lots of guest-bloggers have given the practice a bad name in recent years prompting Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of the webspam team, to go so far as to consider the practice as spammy, it is still a great way to link-build if you’re genuine with your contribution.

The key to making sure you’re not adding to the growing guest-blogging problem is by only guest-blogging on websites that are relevant to your offered service, as well as approaching these sites only if you feel you have a sincere, helpful contribution to offer.

This sounds simple enough, but lots of smaller websites are just looking to boost SEO without adding a meaningful voice to the industry. So, what seems like a great white-hat SEO building tactic has now turned into a black-hat strategy.

The best sites to target for guest-blogging are the ones in your industry who are picky about who they allow to guest-blog on their site. Imagine being  approved to share your voice via a blog on a highly coveted site, but your competition isn’t. You have just elevated your status as an expert in the industry.

This both upholds the reputation of the company you’re guest-blogging for, as well as improves your own in a meaningful, non-coercive way. Plus, link-building on an industry-respected site will guarantee even more community shares.

Be the Dead-Link Janitor

It’s no secret that finding a problem before it becomes an issue and fixing it will put you in someone’s good graces, but imagine the awards you will reap if you do this for industry heavy-weights.

A polite, helpful way to get an “in” when you can’t get a call back is to become a dead-link janitor.

A dead-link junior identifies broken links within a website and contacts the webmaster to let them know of the issue as well as solving the problem by offering a link to their own relevant, well-researched, insightful piece of writing.

No need to scour the internet looking for these dead-links (or maybe do), but it’s no doubt that they will naturally pop up throughout your own research and queries.  

By offering a helpful hand to leading websites, you’ll not only build trust and link-build but also get your coveted “in” for a guest blog.

Get Social

Social media is a very effective marketing tool but many novices in the market hit a glass ceiling, as they don’t know how to use the platforms to their advantage. Be smarter. Know your audience and use social with intent.

One way to use social with intent is to create posts that are easily shareable and are more akin to short-form content. By doing this, you improve your odds of social media backlinking which of course, improves link-building.

But if your current marketing formula is all about long-form content and you don’t have a big enough budget to launch a separate social media plan, one way to make your content more shareable is by including social share buttons at the bottom of your posts.

Publish List Articles

Everyone likes to score the best deals, and this mass mentality has led to the rise in popularity of the list articles that compare and contrast services and rank items.

For instance, if you’re a movie review site, listing all the actresses that have portrayed Wonder Woman throughout the years in different iterations would be a possible article.

In your simple list article, you would explain what these actresses are doing now, how they got the role and why they are deserving of the numerical value on the list given.

List articles are great for social media campaigns as they are informative, tend to be shorter and are optimised for easy user-consumption. And, if a piece goes viral, obviously it will exponentially grow your link-building.

So, as you can see, Google keeping a watchful eye on SEO tactics is actually a beneficial thing to the industry and not a detriment. Having content and bad-linking police around forces all of us to provide better services to our customers as well as challenges us to find ways to improve our industry in healthy, positive ways.

If you’d like help on formulating your own effective SEO marketing plan, we will be happy to lend you a hand.  

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