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How to Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king. It was true when Bill Gates declared as much in 1996 and it holds true even more so now, over two decades later, as the Internet has only gained traction as the predominant avenue for conducting business in nearly every field. We rely on digital platforms for so much these days, whether it’s for shopping, staying in touch with friends and family, or simply communicating with one another.

There are millions of website and online apps for our mobile devices designed to enhance these various methods in the new modern era. For businesses big and small, developing a strong content marketing strategy is not just expected, it’s simply vital to the well-being of the company’s online presence.


Before these new avenues of interaction were created, businesses relied heavily on outbound marketing. The methods of getting a product out to the public were focused on typical television, radio, and print advertising where the company would engage in a one-way communicative effort to sell that product or service to the consumer.

But those strategies are outdated in today’s global online marketplace, with the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat providing a hub for people from all over the world to stay in touch and interact with each other 24 hours a day. Bloggers have established a foothold in our cultural discourse in ways that only journalists of yesteryear could claim.

The fact of the matter is everyone now has a voice and their opinion, for better or worse, matters to some segment of the market eager to connect with certain demographics. With millions of potential customers easier to reach than ever before en masse, companies must design their marketing approach to include more inbound methods of advertising.

Building the Right Strategy

Inbound marketing is all about getting the consumer to talk about a company and their product or service. Instead of purchasing the consumer’s trust through buying air time or billboard space and thus making them a captive audience, inbound provides a more organic approach to earning their trust. It allows them to interact with the business and/or the product in a direct manner that has them talking about it, in a positive light, through a variety of ways.

But how do you get them into the conversation? Well, that takes content. Provide them with something to discuss, in a forum where the company has already been invited through the door. When people “like” or “follow” a business’s page on Facebook or Twitter, that is the perfect opportunity to engage consumers in a back and forth exchange of ideas.

The company’s website or other online presence is also an important component and drawing consumers to that site relies on high quality content. It’s the cornerstone of every good marketing campaign because content sells. That content can come in many forms and it can start with the written word, but the internet is a visual format.  Up your content game and incorporate videos, photos, other visual aids, or anything that will get people talking and, more important, sharing your message.

Viral content is the Holy Grail that every company eagerly wants, when consumers are passing and sharing your content they are effectively advertising for you. So developing different types of content can attract all kinds of consumers to your site and other online profiles.

Tailoring Your Content for Maximum Efficacy

The real key to creating a powerful content marketing strategy lies with carefully considering the marketing part and the problem that most businesses run into is figuring out how to design their content. Knowing the right keywords that apply to local SEO so that consumers can locate your business are just as important as creating the type of content that will attract attention.

But that’s not the extent of your efforts for the best search results rankings. Sure, you need a good SEO strategy, but with so many Google Algorithm changes being implemented almost routinely your site’s rankings can be greatly effected by the quality of your content. Therefore, it’s even more important that your content is unique, interesting, and guaranteed to get results. If consumers can’t find your site, what good is it then? Keeping it updated with current content will bring consistent viewers and ensure your search engine rankings are the best they can be.




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