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8 Reasons Why Content is the Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

8 Reasons Why Content is the Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

8 Reasons Why Content is the Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

What to Say? How to Say? When to Say?

These are the three essential elements of digital marketing and content plays a huge part in it. Basically, content is able to build trust between the consumers and brands. The content that is created narrates a story and helps establish businesses as authorities in their field.

An eMarketer survey conducted in 2013 revealed that US adults spent more time on digital media than on the television for the first time ever.

Yes, we are in an age of information overload! There’s just too much going on in terms of content. Whether they are websites, blogs, advertisements, emails or videos, content is written all over it.

In fact, on social media alone, an average user is bombarded with about 285 messages a day. Can you then imagine the magnitude of content the end users are forced to choose between each day?

Hence, it’s quite safe to say that content is always and will always be the focal point of any successful digital marketing strategy.

So, why is content so important and why is content marketing the new buzzword doing the rounds online.


What is Content Marketing?

Essentially, content marketing is all about using words cleverly in a strategic marketing approach. Haphazardly posting items on your blogs or social signals is of no use as it won’t really help.

You need a clear strategy and a plan as to what you really want to accomplish through the content. Do you want the end users to sign up or subscribe to your newsletter, buy your products or services or click on a few affiliate links?

Second important thing that you need to know is who is your target audience? What are their wants, interests, concerns, questions and needs? Will they find your products or services useful? How will your knowledge benefit them? What type of content you can offer to engage, entertain or inform them?

And finally, the content that you create and share must be consistent, relevant and valuable to your audience. The consumers are getting smarter each day and content that is rehashed or copied will only lower your reputation-in their eyes as well as that of the search engines.

Here are 8 reasons why content is the KEY to a successful digital marketing strategy.


#1-Creates Awareness for Your Brand

If your content is engaging and keeps your readers entertained, chances of your content being shared through their social accounts or emails is rather high. And if it gets shared by an expert in your field, you know you’ve done something right. It automatically pushes your brand ahead of the remaining ones in the same industry. So, the next time you post content online, you’ll already have an audience waiting to read it.

#2-Benefits Your SEO Efforts

Although Google had made it amply clear that content is important since it launched in 1998, not many took it seriously. But all updates by Google in the recent past have made it evident that no matter what, as long as you have relevant and valuable content, your SEO efforts have not gone down the drain.

#3-Influences Decisions

While buying certain products or services, most people like to research online even if they end up buying offline. If you as a business are able to help make decisions for your target audience, they are likely to come back to your site or video channel in the future to see what you have to say about a certain product or service.

#4-Builds a Community of Loyal Followers

Giving valuable and good information for free can effectively build a network of loyal followers for your brand. By giving them something interesting to read, they will have a reason to invest their time in your content and eventually, your brand. If you happen to publish content at regular intervals, then they will get in the habit of waiting for your next post.

Content is King

#5-Lets You Know Your Target Audience Better

Content that is delivered through commentable blogs or social media enables you to receive feedback. It lets you gauge their attitude, needs and demographics better. At its peak, it can inspire discussions, provoke thoughts and basically just get everybody talking. This way you’ll know exactly what they want and require.

#6-Helps Generate Targeted Leads and Enhance ROI

If your end users are really impressed with your content, they will voluntarily leave their contact details. This is a great way to narrow down interested and targeted consumers. If you single out just these leads, your ROI will improve a lot. But you need to ensure that your content is attracting the right leads. If they are not, you may need to rethink your content.

#7-Available on a Range of Platforms

Back in the day people either picked up newspapers and magazines off street vendors or got them delivered home. Not many people really had access to such content and they had the option of not buying them at all. But with advance in technology, people can access sites and browse them on their mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets in a matter of minutes.

Today a lot more people have access to content and can easily read it on-the-go. At a time, when your content has much more reach than the earlier days, it only makes sense to invest more in it as it’s able to influence more people.

#8-Establishes You as an Authority in Your Industry

Valuable and engaging content has the ability to establish you as an authority in your field. If you’re able to convey your ideas, thoughts and views on a certain subject effectively, then your end users will automatically keep visiting your website for more.

As is quite evident, not just content, but valuable, relevant and consistent content is quite essential. It has the power to push your business up a couple of notches. As long as your audience is engaged and entertained, you can rest assured that your content will be shared and will certainly matter in the long run!

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